Cotton kilim/rug with greek design of meander

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Cotton kilim/rug from 100% ecology recycled yarns. It is double faced with ancient Greek design of meander in dark blue- white color.

What is meander? (maiandros in greek)

By the term “meander” or “Greek key” is meant in the architecture and archeology the composition of straight lines that are joined together at right angles. The pattern was often used in antiquity for decorating the frieze (a part of the ancient Greek temples). In addition, this pattern represents the shape of the waves of the River Maiandros. The river Maiandros passes from Asia Minor to the Peloponnese and was named after someone who had drowned there since antiquity.

Dimensions: 240 x 340 cm (94.4 * 133.8 inches approx.)


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Cotton kilim/rug with greek design of meander


Out of stock