Our story

Dealing with handmade art began 50 years ago when our grandparents were involved professional Goldsmiths. From mother to daughter, Helen (Eleni), our mother now, set up her first small shop in old market of Naxos in 1987 with unique handmade embroideries.

In the years to come, many stores were changed, until the present two in traditional and hospitable places, examples of Cycladic architecture, still in old market of Naxos. Helen, a restless woman and spirit during all these years she studied weaving, the history, the raw materials, the dyes, traditional designs and visited many folk art museums all over the world. She also experimented with different jewelry elements and materials and makes until today her own designs in jewels with silver, semiprecious stones and enamel motifs.

In 2002, she submitted a plan for promoting traditional Greek embroidery via internet at EOMMEX (Hellenic Organization of Small & Medium sized Enterprises and Handicraft S.A.) but unfortunately was declined. She is still actively interested in Greek traditional embroideries and culture although she retired recently, but she still keeps her spirit and knowledgebase for her children who now took over the business.

Being aware of how responsible and important is the contact with tourism and tourists-clients we at “Techni” (in English “Art”) try to offer good quality, reasonable prices and above all, valid information to those who want to know more about the creator, the technique as well as the love and effort put into a

handmade piece of art.

Returning to our roots, to nature and our sensitivity and combining them with good communication via the internet with people who share the same concerns and feelings we can achieve to promote the true artistry of the handmade creations of ART.

Continuing this long tradition, we have gathered in our stores unique pieces of art. You can find jewelry designed by Helen and by other Greek artists certified for their quality and originality, hand crafted, wool kilims, curtains and tablecloths in every shape and size, readymade or made to order. Linen and cotton weavings, in various stitches and techniques are also part of our collection. Our constant care is the combination of your needs and demands with quality and low prices.

Your purchases from TECHNI will always bring to life the memories from the island of Naxos.