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Check our Collection of different designs, materials and sizes of handmade and machine made curtains.

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Made in the loom with modern or traditional designs.

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Difficult to find, little treasures of exquisite Greek techniques.


Pieces of Art

Returning to our roots, to nature and our sensitivity and combining them with good communication via the internet with people who share the same concerns and feelings we can achieve to promote the true artistry of the handmade creations of ART.

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Top quality merchandise from small handicrafts businesses in Greece and vintage items collected all around Greece, unique pieces of art with greater value due to the technique used, the story behind it or the place it came from.

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We try to offer good quality, reasonable prices and above all, valid information to those who want to know more about the creator, the technique as well as the love and effort put into a handmade piece of art.


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