About me

My name is Eleni Hatziandreou and I deal with embroidery and craftsmanship for more than 40 years.

I was born in Athens. My parents taught me to love people, nature and my country, plus to make sure that whatever I do, I do it with love and passion. That is why I always liked my work. I saw it as an opportunity for self-improvement and for widening my spirit.

I travelled to many places and almost all the continents – America, Africa, Asia and Europe. These adventurous travels made me appreciate even more my country and its culture. This is a love that grew in me since young age and I felt I had to find a way to pass it on to my country’s visitors or philhellenes all around the world.

Greece is a country with beautiful light, places and history, with variety and diversity. This always challenged me to discover it in depth. The arts and craftsmen have always been to my interests. Specifically, the preservation and dissemination of our folk art, is something I am committed to preserve not to be lost on the altar of globalization.

I opened my first shop in 1987 in Naxos with original pieces made exclusively by Greek artists. The island belonging to the Cyclades with the unique light inspired me even more to deal with pieces of art, weavings and vintage items. I collect since then unique pieces of art with greater value due to the technique used, the story behind it or the place it came from.